Send one story of up to 4,000 words. Please keep formatting simple: Times New Roman, 12 pt., double-spaced. Please use only one space between sentences, not two. We only consider unpublished work. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please withdraw your work immediately upon acceptance elsewhere. This is not the place to submit novels or collections.

We especially like Flash Fiction. Stories that are 800 words or less. Stories that don't need a lot of space to get their point across. If you are submitting Flash, then you can submit up to three stories. 

We want stories that engage our hearts and minds. Language matters. We like lyrical. We like dark humor. Most of all, perhaps, we want stories that matter.

In addition to our role as editors for Atticus Review, we also are writers who submit work into the void. We get intimidated; we fear rejection. So please know that your words will be shown respect, and reviewed with eyes that—like yours—stare at submit buttons for too long before nervous fingers finally click send. We know what a gift it is for you to give us—for free!—something you spent hours honing, tweaking, editing, getting just right. And we thank you.