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If you’re a writer who tests limits, we want to read your best stuff. We tend to like work that makes us think. We like work that toys with genre boundaries. We like subversive. We like heartfelt. We like lyrical. We like enchanting. We like weird. We like dark humor. We are the island of misfit toys. If you feel like you belong on this island, please send your work our way.

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Atticus Review seeks all types of electronic/digital/interactive literature as well as short/experimental films, book trailers, audio soundscapes and sonic compositions. If you like to push literary boundaries via digital technologies, send us your best.

To submit, send an email with subject “Mixed Media Submission” to mixedmedia@atticusreview.org. If possible, we prefer that you send links to media on Vimeo or YouTube or Soundcloud (or wherever the work is posted online) rather than send us audio/video files directly.

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This series will be comprised of pieces that are more or less "close readings" of songs. Take into account a particular song's musical and lyrical components, and set those against your own personal reflections. Write about the way a certain song makes you feel, or the events that make the song important to you. 

The pieces should be nonfiction, and no longer than 1,500 words. We're very open to hybrid/experimental. 

We are NOT looking for music reviews or liner notes. We are looking for personal reflections about a song. We want you to tie together music and meaning. While the piece can be about you or your life, try to bring in other cultural elements.

Here is one example of what we are looking for and here is another one

Submit to Superunknown: Stories About Songs at Atticus Review 

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