We are currently closed for general submissions, but we are OPEN for contest entries! 

Issue Six will go live December 15

Issue Seven will go live April 15

We're reading for both, between, and beyond.


Atticus Review seeks all types of electronic/digital/interactive literature as well as short/experimental films, book trailers, audio soundscapes and sonic compositions. If you like to push literary boundaries via digital technologies, send us your best.

To submit, send an email with subject “Mixed Media Submission” to mixedmedia@atticusreview.org. If possible, we prefer that you send links to media on Vimeo or YouTube or Soundcloud (or wherever the work is posted online) rather than send us audio/video files directly.


By agreeing to have Atticus Review publish a story, essay, poem, or other work (“The Work”) the author of The Work (“Author”) agrees to grant Atticus Review first rights to publish The Work at atticusreview.org as well as the right to include The Work in a future issue of the Atticus Review Print Annual. After first publication by Atticus Review, and excepting the possible future inclusion in the Atticus Review Print Annual, all rights to The Work revert back to Author. If Author publishes The Work elsewhere after Atticus Review’s initial publication, Atticus Review requests that acknowledgement be given to Atticus Review in the journal, Web site, anthology, or other publication.

If your work is accepted, please wait at least one issue before submitting again. 

We do not condone, and reserve the right not to accept, work that reinforces racist, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, fatphobic, or otherwise hateful rhetoric. 


We are pleased to introduce our 2023 Collaborative Fiction Contest! 

The contest will run from November 15 to January 15, and winners will be selected by March 15. 

Entries ($15 each) can be up to 2,500 words, and must be an originally intentional collaboration between two or more authors. In your cover letter, please be sure to explain how your entry is collaborative, and name all authors  involved. 

First prize includes $750, second prize includes $300, and third prize includes $150. All three winners (and runners-up) will be published in Issue Seven in April, 2024. All entries will be considered for publication in a future issue. 

We are open to stories, fables, autofiction, fiction with visual elements, fiction with poetic elements, fiction with a soundtrack, dialogues, menus, arguments, and everything else the genre can hold. For the sake of this contest, at least, we are not considering translations of fiction.

We will select three winners and runners-up. All winning entries and runners-up will be published in Issue Seven this coming April. First place also comes with a prize of $750, second place with $300, and third place with $150. All  other entries will be considered for publication in a future issue.

ABOUT THIS YEAR'S JUDGE: Christopher Gonzalez is the author of I’m Not Hungry but I Could Eat (SFWP 2021). A 2021 NYFA/NYSCA Artist Fellow in Fiction, his essays and fiction appear in Astra Magazine, Electric Literature, Catapult, Forward: 21st Century Flash Fiction, Best Microfictions, and Best Small Fictions, among other journals and anthologies. He currently serves as a fiction editor for Barrelhouse magazine and lives in Brooklyn and most places online @livesinpages. 


Please note: Plagiarism does not count as collaboration. At least two or more humans must be credited. AI does not count as a collaborator,  and should not be given author credit. 

We accept book reviews that are 900-1200 words long and author interviews of 900-1400 words long. 

Ideally, reviews should focus on books recently published (in the last two years). Interviews should likewise be with authors about recent book publications. Please ensure you have the consent of the interviewee to submit. 

We are especially interested in books/authors from indie publishers and chapbooks. 

Please include the book's title, author, publication date, page length, and publisher in the upper left-hand corner, for both reviews and interviews. 

Book reviews and interviews will be published on our weekly blog, The Attic. 

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